HIV/AIDS & Immunology of HIV/AIDS

Following initial contamination, a person won't observe any symptoms or may additionally experience a short duration of influenza-like infection. Typically, that is observed by means of a prolonged period with no signs. As the infection progresses, it interferes greater with the immune gadget, increasing the chance of growing commonplace infections like tuberculosis, as well as other opportunistic infections, and tumours that hardly ever affect human beings who have working immune structures. These overdue signs of contamination are referred to as Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS). This stage is often additionally related to unintentional weight loss.

HIV is spread by and large with the aid of unprotected intercourse (consisting of anal and oral sex), contaminated blood transfusions, hypodermic needles, and from mother to child during being pregnant, shipping, or breastfeeding. Some bodily fluids, inclusive of saliva and tears, do no longer transmit HIV. Methods of prevention include safe intercourse, needle trade programs, treating those who are infected, and male circumcision. Disease in an infant can regularly be prevented by using giving both the mother and child antiretroviral medicinal drug. There is no cure or vaccine; but, the antiretroviral remedy can slow the course of the disease and can cause a close to-regular existence expectancy. Treatment is recommended as soon because the prognosis is made. Without treatment, the common survival time after contamination is 11 years

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